Welcome to Dream Divination

Do your dreams leave you feeling confused?
Would you like to discover their meaning,
and utilize the wisdom they often impart?My Name is Vickie Venus
Hello My name is Vickie, Welcome to my site

I am a Dream Diviner and Tarot Consultant

What is Dream Divination ?

It’s a system of interpretation that
Let’s me, help you, understand the meanings behind the symbols
of your dreams, beyond just simple analysis

Our dreams are the way in which our subconscious
speaks to us. Giving us messages, guiding us through life,
helping us to make choices, for our greatest good.

We all dream, as many as 7 dreams throughout the night, but
it is most often only the last dream we have .. that we remember,
If we remember any at all. :)

There are several reasons why we don’t remember our dreams.

Too much stress, no big surprise in our modern world ..
lack of sleep ( Maybe because we are stressed..? ),
even our prescription medications .. which we often need ..
because we are stressed, as such can cause disorders.
You can tell stressed might play a big role here :) in our over all health,
and it can hinder our dream recall.

One of the reasons we dream is to help us learn and grow,
and thereby, lose stress in the process, by giving us insight into ourselves
and our needs for growth.

So the trick to remember more of them … ?
R R and R :)
Relax whenever possible,
get enough rest and deep sleep, and the moment you awaken
if you recall any part of a dream, write it down, record all the details
no matter how trivial they may seem. Our silliest or strangest dreams
often have the most meaning!

Then once you have that .. Let me give you an interpretation that will

Help you understand what it all means

Tips for Dream Recording


Before going to sleep, have pen and paper 
or a tape recorder at your bedside. 
Immediately upon waking from a dream, record it in detail. People, animals, places, colors (or lack of), 
what were the sounds ? Your emotions ? If you cannot record your dreams in toto, upon waking
( dog can’t wait to go out, baby is crying), do record
what you can remember when you can.An online Tarot card reading can also be done
to help discover the meaning of a dream 
when details are sketchy.

When emailing your dream to me, please use
“My Dream” in the subject line. 

All Information is kept confidential.