Back Ground

A Little About Me :)

Almost 25 years a go,
I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards…
and began a quest to understand
the Universal language of Signs and Symbols.
Although my interest waxed
and waned through life’s ups and downs..
as happens to us all :)

I became inspired again in 1996
after reading a wonderful book called
“The Secret Language of Signs” by Denise Linn.

With that renewed interest,
I studied on my own, daily, the signs
I saw all around me, which helped guide me
through my life.

I then had a dream that held
great significance for me, and realized
how important dreams are,
if we know what they are trying to tell us.

When I was given a computer in 2002,
the first thing I did once reaching the internet,
was begin an on-line Tarot class…to learn even more
upon finishing that class…..
I was offered a chance to take a class
on Dream interpretation…
which I jumped into whole heartedly,
this was a Dream come true for me!

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Other Credentials Re: Reiki and Ordination ? Here

So now, after years of studying on my own,
and some intense formal study,
I have come to an understanding of the clues
left for us. I would like to share that understanding
and help others find their way
through life, through the messages
contained within their very own dreams.

I decided to call myself a “Dream Diviner” because
I feel that term shows that there is much more
to be gleaned from your dreams,
than just a simple interpretation.

We all have signs and symbols
that have special meaning to us..
as well as the Archetypal symbols
passed down through the ages.

Now I share this knowledge with you,
May our union be blessed